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Writing Great College Essays

So you want to write a college application essay that will help you get in. Great! Is this an easy task? No. Writing well is difficult in itself. Add to this the imperative to write in order to expose the core of your identity and you have a grand task before you.

college applicationsAt College Consulting Inc, we have seen many initial drafts that moved from the mundane to the intriguing. It takes careful revisions, but it brings great rewards.

Writing well in these essays is hard for various reasons. Our Director of College Consulting, Lesley Miller, points to three major impediments. You may not know your audience, the admissions committee reader, so you are guessing. You may not be able to write with a smooth flow that is easily discerned, but instead write in jumbled bits. You may find yourself with such a variety of ideas that your content grows beyond an acceptable length.

What you want is a clear, concise and compelling writing that invites the admissions reader into your world of events, emotions and aspirations.

Do not let your essays fail because they are indistinguishable from the masses. Avoid over-used and self-supporting phrases. Come to terms with your own unique experiences and goals and place them into the essay so that you are directly responding to the prompt which has been given you. You are an interesting and often fascinating individual! Share that and you will find success. Getting some help with this is easy. Just Contact College Consulting Inc online or call 847-505-9100.

You can quickly move into a writing mode that refreshes the reader with a story and details that are clear, concise, specific and personal.

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