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SAT Tutoring

SAT Tutoring One-on-One as Speed Tutoring

Premier SAT Tutoring One-on-One can begin at any time based on your individual schedule for taking the test.

Your Prep Plan is designed around your individual SAT diagnostic analysis, thus maximizing your potential for increases in SAT scores! Your potential is analyzed from every angle. Schedule with us today!

Premier SAT Tutoring One-on-One

Our Premier SAT Tutoring One-on-One provides a handcrafted approach to your needs, goals and requirements tailored in every way possible. The schedule and the speed of progress are flexible and revolve around your needs and your goals. The College Consulting Private Tutor provides you with a flexible number of hours of instruction and you take proctored practice test experiences under our tutelage

The Premier SAT Tutoring One-on-One creates a motivating, individually adapted learning environment of the highest kind.

Detail of the Premier SAT Tutoring One-on-One:

  • Receive a flexible number of hours of customized one-on-one instruction focused on your needs.
  • Score higher when all your individual goals are met.
  • Complete proctored practice tests to provide ongoing diagnosis in all areas.
  • Gain preparation for every element of the SAT test day.
  • Participate in personalized drills.
  • Have complete flexibility in scheduling with yours individually designed.
  • Receive targeted practice and expert feedback.
  • Rescheduling or adding hours is always available.

SAT Small Group Premier Tutoring

A more economical form of private tutoring exists in a small group of 2 to 3 students who share similar immediate needs. You can share the College Consulting Private Tutor with your own small group (classmates or friends) or we can team you with those who share your goals. Schedule with us today!

This tutoring provides you with individualized attention while giving you immediate interaction and feedback from peers. Your diagnostic test results help us to customize each lesson to continually improve your scores. The feedback provided you is continuous and specific.

Detail of the SAT Small Group Premier Tutoring:

  • Be part of a small, 2 to 3 member, customized group.
  • Score higher with personalized practice.
  • Receive customized and focused instruction.
  • Receive individualized attention and the high level of motivation that comes with the focus of a tight, small group.
  • Take full-length practice tests to accurately assess progress in all areas.
  • Immediate feedback and interaction with your peers.
  • Share immediate goals with like-minded students.
  • Participate in customized drills and practices.
  • Receive targeted practice and expert feedback.

To schedule a date for taking the SAT, look at the upcoming nationally administered SAT dates provided by the College Board, then call us at (847)505-9100 to have us create a schedule that is ideal for you in preparing for an upcoming  ACT.

Please contact us or email us at to schedule a complimentary one-hour appointment for your assistance and at your convenience.