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Junior High: Comprehensive College Admissions Preparation

  • Participate in new client orientation.
  • Review all elements pertinent to the college admissions and preparation processes.
  • Create plans for the time remaining in junior high school and a broad, four-year plan for grades 9-12.
  • Consider the options available for secondary schools that would best meet all the criteria that are optimum for the student.
  • Create an outline for comprehensive strategic planning across all academic and nonacademic agenda.
  • Initiate a student resume, thinking forward through the high school years.
  • Engage in a thorough self-assessment, followed by discussions.
  • Initiate specialized talent portfolio development, where applicable.
  • Consider and adjust options for eighth grade year course of study.
  • Determine specific freshman year classes.
  • Vocabulary empowerment and critical thinking enhancement activities.
  • Review of future extracurricular potentials and strategies.
  • Research beneficial summer activities. Secure best options.