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Four Options in Types of College Consulting Programs:

Each Custom-tailored to your specific needsCollege Consulting Inc

The comprehensive program is at the center of popularity because it covers every element and all aspects while providing review and guidance regularly for the student and family. This is also recommended for the student who expects to apply to a large number of colleges, to colleges where multiple essays are required or to colleges where essays, personal statements, short answers and interviews are common. The plan provides the student tremendous support and guidance through a continual review process.  Contact us, call us at 847-505-9100 or email us at to schedule a complimentary, one-hour initial consultation.


Initial Review of College Counseling:

The preliminary review involves a comprehensive examination of the student’s courses and grades (transcript), extracurricular activities (including sports), leadership roles, special talents, courses that are underway, as well as the plans that have been developed for the immediate future. The goal in this review is to determine whether there are options, additions or changes that would enhance the student’s dominant educational goals. The student engages in self-assessment, goal development and achievement refinement.

Career and College Major, Assessment and Counseling:

Use of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) and the Strong Interest Inventory® (both highly recognized in the US and the world) are a frequent option for assistance in career-related decision-making. If more appropriate, we have the expertise to use several other, more specialized assessments, the use of which might be a better fit. Our expert career counseling is focused on the student’s potential in relation to personal character, experience, goals and aptitudes.College Consulting Inc

College Application Preparedness Timeline:

We encourage a focus on preparing and continually reviewing a timeline for all aspects of the academic high school years as needed to stay on course in the college preparation process. The scheduling of standardized tests and potential tutoring or mentoring for current coursework is considered, along with critical relationship development, and refinement of extracurricular activities. Timelines vary greatly from the freshman year to the senior year.

The College Selection List:

The CCI Consultant will assist the student in the creation of a college selection list which takes into consideration relevant factors, such as size, selectivity, location, strength of relevant academic programs, financial aid/scholarships, extracurricular programming and the like. Jointly a list will be compiled to create the best odds of achieving the most advantageous college fit for the student.

Letters of Recommendation:

We work together on a strategy for approaching the letters of recommendation developed so that the student is aware of protocol and of how to most effectively use those letters. We provide guidance which assists the student in summarizing past personal experience in various classes to be used to help refresh a teacher’s memory prior to each letter request.

College Campus Visits:

The CCI Consultant encourages the student and parents to consider beginning visits as soon as an appropriate list has been developed. We are willing to assist in making appointments for campus tours, information sessions or for a specific visit to the relevant department.

The Activities Sheets:

The student needs to develop a comprehensive activity sheet to include with College Consulting Incapplications such that it can be modified to some degree dependent upon the emphasis desired on each application. Our assistance will move the student toward revealing the seriousness of involvement by way of charts that convey each activity’s description, years of involvement, hours per week, weeks per year, the roles of leadership and responsibility and the honors and recognitions earned.

Supplemental Talent Materials:

The CCI Consultant will oversee the compilation of a highly detailed portfolio or activity sheet for the area of special talent, such as that of a writer, artist, computer specialist, musician, thespian, science researcher, dancer, photographer, etc. It is beneficial to document these details to the degree that they can be. In the event that a CD , DVD or highly specialized inclusion is requested, we would recommend a talent specialist to review and critique that element.

The Essays and the Personal Statements:

Often considered the most daunting part of the college application, the required essays and personal statements are one of the most critical components. We engage the student in a process that begins with brainstorming and the development of potential ideas and topics. We work to encourage the strengthening of the personal voice and to present the best part of the student’s character. Often our recommendations are made to better the consistency of the writing style and to improve an overall sense of confidence and strength. Generally there are reviews for consistency in style, voice and format. Overall, the presentation should be a positive one, but not overconfident or eccentric.

Without proper guidance, students often choose to write essays that lack passion and don’t reveal who they are. Their personal statements may not support the life themes which emerge from various aspects of their applications, including the academic profile, resumes and letters of recommendation.

We assist in tying together the extracurricular activities, summer activities, work, and personal and family life throughout the application, and particularly in the essays and personal statements. We make certain that there is the proper resonance across your application. To put it another way, who you are is manifest in the various documents of your college admissions application. Further detail is available on our College Application Essays page.

Preparation and Mock Interviews:College Consulting Inc

The CCI Consultant helps to prepare the student through the use of strategic interview planning and mock interviews which employ common interview questions. An interview can play a significant role, bringing a borderline applicant into assured acceptance or taking a strong candidate with a weak interview into a denial. A major goal is to increase comfort for the student through coaching for the interview. There is a strategy in the plan to participate fully, energetically and with a readiness to respond with the right type of questions to ask. Our practice sessions lead to comfort and skill levels that make a resounding impression on the interviewer.

Letters of Enthusiasm:

In the event a student is wait listed or deferred at a college, we provide counsel regarding options for communicating high levels of interest that are backed by evidence and separate the student from the pack. We coach the student regarding avenues for proactive communication, while avoiding potential pitfalls, which often results in a letter that maximizes the opportunity to be moved up into full acceptance.

The College Applications:

When other required college application elements have been developed (such as the college essay, the college selection list and other supporting documents) we counsel the student in completing all parts of each application. By thoroughly reviewing the online college applications and examining the paper college applications, we are able to provide expert guidance on all elements in a cohesive and consistent manner. There are occasions when a small element can have a very great impact on the college admissions process.

Financial Planning:

Using the information you have put together for the FAFSA, we can calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC). If it is deemed desirable we can also consider avenues for reducing your EFC, increasing your eligibility for aid or reducing the costs of college. Our goal is to approach the financial planning so that it is highly organized.

Review of College Acceptances and Final Decision:

Together we study all aspects of the college acceptances, including financial packages offered, location, quality of programs, etc. Final college comparisons are made by the student; responses are crafted and sent. Additionally, at this point we extend guidance for the planned transition into College Consulting Incthe new college setting.

The Eight-Hour Series of Sessions is available and tailor-made for specialized assistance covering several or more of the above areas. Such a program can be adjusted for your specific needs and revised as needed. The number of hours can be increased by any amount at the same rate. One hundred percent of the fees would be applied toward the Comprehensive, Unlimited Hours Program if that level of support is subsequently chosen. Communication avenues include face-to-face meetings, webcam meetings, phone calls, facsimiles and emails. Contact us, for further information.

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We also offer a flat hourly fee for any amount of time, which can address any one or more aspects of the college preparation processes as mentioned in the above descriptive sections. All of the amount paid for the hourly consultations would be applied to the Comprehensive Unlimited Hours Program if that level of support is subsequently chosen. Communication avenues include face-to-face meetings, webcam meetings, phone calls, facsimiles and emails in any combination as it best fits your needs.

We offer both Premier Tutoring One-on-One and Small Group Premier Tutoring programs for standardized test preparation, including College Consulting Incbut not limited to the ACT, the PSAT and the SAT. The small group classes begin six to eight weeks before the nationally scheduled standardized test dates. Check online for the upcoming dates of the SAT and PSAT and for the upcoming dates of the ACT.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary one-hour session of advice and guidance at (847)505-9100 or by email, College Consulting

In addition to being available for face-to-face meetings during school hours we are also available after school, evenings and on weekends as well as by email, phone, fax and webcam.

In Illinois, CCI offers  sessions convenient to  Chicago, Chicago’s North Shore, Wilmette, Lake Forest, Lincolnshire, Barrington, Winnetka, Deerfield, Hinsdale, Itasca, Evanston, Glencoe and nearby Chicago, Illinois Metro communities.