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Personal Statements

Creating Personal Statements for Your Admissions Success!

To create an advantage for yourself as you apply to graduate school, medical school or law school, you should hone your skills in the writing of personal statements. Each personal statement that you provide should persuade the admissions committee to want to affirm you as a newly accepted candidate!

The services at College Consulting Inc. , 847 .505 .9100, assist in accomplishing this goal. We guide you in responding to a single statement or to groups of essays and statements that are required within your applications.College Consulting Inc

Each requested statement is an opportunity for you to shine in the eyes of the admissions committee and the focus should always be on the specific prompt that a school has provided. The primary goal is to provide evidence in descriptions or stories that will highlight your character and experience in such a way as to be highly attractive as a candidate.

Above all each personal statement must be compelling! The College Consulting Coach will help you to polish it as your evidence isĀ  displayed. Oftentimes you will need to find an angle or a theme upon which you build the evidence. As you create the statement, remember to be succinct. State the ideas and follow them with evidence, but avoid extraneous information.

More than this, you need to show who you are as a unique human being. Express those things that set you apart from your peers in an attractive, inviting way. Do some research to see how each of the schools you are applying to stands out from the others, then match elements of your own history and goals to each of the schools based on your findings. The College Consulting Coach can help you with the tools that can accomplish this throughout the writing of each personal statement.

When a specific school sees that you are a match and that you stand out as a high-achieving and unique candidate with character that complements the school’s, you will have elevated yourself in their eyes.

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