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In the case of a medical school applicant, the College Preparation Consultant will help you explore all the options available based on your goals, abilities, passions and constraints. We assist in the comprehensive evaluation of programs that match your specialized abilities and goals. We can provide you guidance through the entire, detailed and intensive medical application process, including the secondary applications, essays and personal statements. We are also willing to assist where the need is specific to a limited number of the aspects of the application.

The College Preparation Program for the applicant to medical school Medical School Applicationsincludes:

  • Expert analysis of college records and background information
  • Advisement for standardized testing and retesting
  • Evaluation of extracurricular activities
  • Career assessment, analysis and counseling
  • Preliminary and final analyses of school selections
  • Strategic guidance in requesting superb letters of recommendation
  • Specific assistance with the AMCAS and AACOMAS applications
  • Assistance with the secondary applications
  • Personal statement development, consistency and refinement for the AMCAS application
  • Personal statement development for your secondary (med school) applications
  • Strategic interviewing technique refinement and mock interviews
  • Strategic positioning: emphasizing strengths while ameliorating weaknesses

College Consulting IncBeyond in-person sessions (Chicago’s suburban areas, North Shore), we offer sessions through webcam/Skype & phone plus enhanced communications with fax and email.

Our Expert Online Assistance is available nationally. You may create predetermined appointment times or select asynchronous activity for consulting on your primary and secondary medical school applications.