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For those of you who are considering applying to law schools, the road needs to be exceedingly focused and includes critical decisions about specializations that can be advanced in your career. The College Preparation Consultant assists you in substantiating your passions, drives and preparation for law school study and the potential specializations it may involve. Our program of services can provide you guidance with every element of the law school application process. We are also willing to assist where the need is specific to a limited number of the aspects of the application.

Many law school applicants believe that the required personal statement which represents their professional goals and aspirations, along with their credentials and achievements is the most daunting part of the application process. We offer guidance in achieving the most effective personal¬† statements, highlighting those most advantageous parts of the student’s story.

The College Preparation Program for the applicant to law school includes:Law School Applications

  • Expert analysis of your college records and relevant background information
  • Evaluation of extracurricular activities
  • Personal Statement and Essay development, revealing your passions: consistency, refinement, editing. Read more on the critical development of Personal Statements.
  • Preliminary and final analysis of school selection
  • Detailed application assistance
  • Strategic interviewing technique refinement and mock interviews
  • Advisement for standardized testing and retesting
  • Career assessment, analysis and counseling
  • Strategic guidance in requesting superb letters of recommendation
  • Strategic positioning across the board: emphasizing strengths while ameliorating weaknesses