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The process for you in applying to graduate school is different and more narrowly focused than that for the student involved in the college admissions process. The College Preparation Consultant helps you substantiate your passions, drives and preparation for graduate school study. The specialization you seek requires that you make a thorough analysis of potential schools in order to satisfy the requirements at their optimum level. Our comprehensive services can provide you guidance with every element of the graduate school application process. We are also willing to assist where the need is specific to a limited number of the aspects of the application.College Consulting Inc

The College Preparation Program for the applicant to graduate school includes:

  • Expert analysis of your college records and your relevant background information
  • Preliminary and final analysis of school selection
  • Advisement for standardized testing and retesting
  • Evaluation of extracurricular activities
  • Essay development, revealing your passions: consistency, refinement, editing
  • Strategic guidance in requesting advantageous letters of recommendation
  • Expert application assistance and detailed review
  • Strategic interviewing techniques and mock interviews
  • Advisement regarding the transfer process at your current school
  • Career assessment, analysis and counseling
  • Strategic positioning: emphasizing strengths while ameliorating weaknesses.

College Consulting IncCCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago, the North Shore, Oak Brook, Barrington, Buffalo Grove, Glenview, Winnetka, Evanston, Lake Forest, Arlington Heights, Long Grove, River Forest, Park Ridge and adjacent Illinois communities. Call (847)505-9100.

Beyond in-person sessions, we offer sessions through webcam & phone and enhanced communications with fax and email.