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The Days of August

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Lesley A. Miller,  MA,  AC Ed

There is a “best plan” for Autumn for every high school senior! It includes a serious examination of the essays and personal statements that go along with all the college applications that await you. Do them in the order of your intent to submit applications.

Grades in the fall semester of senior year are critical to success in the application process and the semester will be filled with wonderful senior activities! In preparation, the truly smart  senior is keenly interested in writing essays in each month of Autumn for early action and regular decision applications.

Start with yourself as you approach each essay. Ask yourself, “What unique part of me do I want to share with each college on my list?” Sharing those very special parts of your life can be extremely rewarding. College admissions officers want to feel they have gotten to know you better through your well-developed essay that focuses on an element of your identity!

So enjoy the days of Autumn in every possible way, while you are writing and while you are relaxing!

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