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Demonstrating Interest

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What should you do if you have one or two schools to which you have applied that are your absoluteCollege Admissions Bell Tower top choices? What should you do if a college to which you applied Early Decision or Early Action deferred you to the Regular Decision period? You could sit and wait, right? Would that be wise? NO. Here at College Consulting Inc we regularly assist students by helping them “demonstrate interest”. Many students who have applied Regular Decision or who have been deferred ought to attempt to increase their chances by demonstrating interest before final decisions are made.

You do not want colleges to be uncertain about your desire to attend. You want a college to know how great your desire is to attend, but you need to make this communication in the most advantageous way. Sending flowers to the Dean of Admissions would be foolish and likely would eliminate you as an applicant. Our Director of College Consulting always underscores the fact that you do not want to appear to be just like every other applicant. Setting yourself apart has great advantages. There are a good number of options. Let’s take a look at them.

In the process of demonstrating interest you must consider the specific college. A generic approach will fail. How you write or how you visit one school may be extremely different than the communication you use for another school because the schools are different. Their admissions departments use differing criteria. They can see a generic approach immediately or an approach that was originally intended for another school. Changing the school’s name on a letter of interest could lead a school to drop you from consideration. You must take an orientation that will bring a nod from the admissions officers based on each specific school.

Colleges are most likely to accept students who they believe will attend. Those students who clearly demonstrate their interest in attending in a number of ways will have a greater chance of making the final cut. What admissions committees sometimes suspect is that a student who has not demonstrated very much interest is likely more interested in other colleges.

College Consulting Inc helps students accomplish this every year. To initiate help on this or another matter simply call (847)505-9100 or fill out the Contact Form. This is a way for any student to begin to learn more about demonstrated interest and other services that would advance a student in the complex processes of college admissions.

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