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Common App 2014

Lesley Miller, MA, AC EdCommon App

The Common Application for 2014 is a necessary component of the college application process for most students. It can be a very valuable experience and provide an edge to the applicant who approaches it in the best possible ways. This includes a keen examination of the essay prompts and how to discover the one that provides the greatest opportunity.Many students faced big concerns a year ago when the Common Application essay prompts were being changed. This year the essays remain the same as last year, but need to be approached strategically.

Here at College Consulting Inc we are telling all of our students that they should be looking at the five essay prompts and exploring possible responses. Our advice is to explore several possibilities and move ahead with the one that maximizes the probability of acceptance letters.

In particular, our primary college consultant, Lesley Miller, MA, AC Ed, is encouraging applicants to examine the prompt that is “Some students have a background story that is so central to their identity that they believe their application would be incomplete without it. If this sounds like you, then please share your story.” Such a prompt opens the door to almost anything that a student wants to add.

Last year Miller, as a part of her overall college consulting, was advising students to add their unique and advantageous backgrounds or events as a response to this prompt. This had quite a significant impact.

Still, what a student indicates as a response to this prompt needs careful consideration and reflection. Often Miller will listen to a student’s story and advise that there is something other than the topic the student has chosen that would be more fruitful. This often leads to a very creative and ambitious essay. In the end, smiles are a mile wide.

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