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Interview Preparation

How to Ideally Prepare for the College Interview

There is no doubt that the college interview is an opportunity to enhance your chances of acceptance. Taking advantage of the interview often requires preparation so that your participation reveals you in clearly positive and advantageous ways. When you are competing against peers whose other credentials are equal to yours, the interview carries even greater weight. Its College Admissionsoutcome could be the factor that persuades the committee to accept you! As a past of the admissions process it gives you a chance to shine in person and add strength to your qualifications.

For many college applicants, the admissions interview is the first opportunity to go through the formal interview process. In such a case, the best plan is to gain practice as much as you can! Practice, practice, practice! The topic is one you are familiar with – you.

College Consulting Inc. is ready to assist you in preparing for the important elements of the college admissions interview. The questions posed to you often revolve around the following:

  • your past academic classes and activities related to them
  • achievements that set you apart from the rest
  • your family
  • your extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences
  • your personal, academic and career goals
  • your interests and hobbies
  • the contributions you have made to the communities in which you have membership
  • your personal aspirations and dreams

Underlying each question you are asked in the interview is the desire to understand why you want to become a part of the program to which you have applied and how you would fit in or make contributions which would fit the needs of the program.

Even though most of the interview is about who you are, there are distinct advantages in being well prepared for the interview and familiar with the probable questions ahead of time, along with being practiced in mock interviews which simulate the situation.

College Consulting Inc. can provides specific preparation, training and practice for students as they get set to move toward those interviews. We are skilled in helping to prepare for college interviews that are required or recommended for the following:

  • undergraduate colleges
  • graduate colleges
  • medical schools
  • law schools
  • MBA programs
  • dual degree programs
  • combined undergrad/grad programs

The goal of the preparation we provide is to assist you in presenting the absolute best that you have to offer to each of the college programs that offer you an interview opportunity. The word, “opportunity”, is key. The entire interview and each of the questions (including the ones you choose to ask) are opportunities for you to perform in such a way that the admissions committee will want you to become a part of their institution.

College Consulting Inc will help you to further understand some of the simpler elements (how to dress and act in general) and some of the more difficult or complex elements, like what to say when asked to describe yourself. The college interview can become your greatest asset. College Consulting Inc can help you to achieve a great interview.

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