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Making the critical decision about which college, among the extensive College Consulting Incoptions, will best meet your child’s aspirations, abilities and needs has become an extremely complex, costly, and very stressful process for numerous families. Choosing the appropriate academic courses, developing

Lesley Miller, College Admissions Consultant

Lesley Miller

focused activities and strengths, taking the required entrance exams, participating in beneficial summer experiences and writing promising essays, which have a great influence in many admissions decisions, can all play a highly significant part in gaining admissions to the institutions of higher education that would provide the optimal fit.

College Consulting Inc. offers an abundance of college admissions services which deal with each of these factors. Our goal is to guide young women and men into the schools that will provide them with success and fulfillment. Our comprehensive research and our counseling with students and families is intended to provide the greatest advantage to each student on the road to a future which is ideal in every possible way for that student’s unique character.

You will benefit by completing one or both of the available questionnaires which provide thought-provoking opportunities for exploration They will further help us to focus on your educational  goals, college admissions aspirations and the paths that will guide you in the most ideal directions.




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