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Our College Consultant Director, Lesley Miller

Just prior to accepting the position of assistant to the director of admissions at the University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign, Lesley Miller graduated cum laude with Phi Beta Kappa distinction from UIUC. It was during her time in that admissions position that she determined to follow in the footsteps of the Director of Admissions by completing two graduate degree programs, the MA in Educational Psychology and later the AC Ed in Counseling and Educational Services, both from the University of Illinois: Urbana-Champaign.

college consultant director

Lesley Miller

Lesley Miller, a national award winning educator, has been working with students in transition from high school to college, primarily those who are undecided about their future plans and goals, for close to 25 years. Leading them towards the avenues of optimum achievement has been her passion. In her roles of adviser, counselor and professor she has nurtured the drives for exploration and motivation which enable students to achieve their full potential and help them to discover their individual purpose within the setting of higher education.

Through the tools of self discovery, Miller’s primary focus is to determine the best college matches, where all of the student’s aspirations, objectives and requirements can be met fully and thrive. As students take ownership of the self through the educational planning process, they can increasingly take control of who they become.

In her travels to campuses she communicates directly with admissions staff and stays current with publications that come to her from colleges, universities and affiliated organizations. Her expertise has led to invitations and participation as a conference speaker both regionally and nationally. Additionally she provides presentations on dozens of topics available to civic and community groups.

Through the Speaking Engagements of College Consulting, Inc. Lesley Miller provides sessions detailing instruction on such critical topics as

  • how to determine your own unique criteria for college selection
  • how to view college applications through the eyes of the admissions committees
  • how to create future opportunities with involvement in current extracurricular pursuits
  • how to focus on your own passions to gain the advantage in the college admissions process
  • how to use internet searches to enhance the college search while focusing on your unique personal talents

Such engagements are provided to a wide variety of organizations to ensure that these audiences are well equipped to consider the college search options and come to know that an excellent college match leads to an arena of academic stimulation, intellectual growth and personal success.

The College Consulting Programs encourage students to revel in that one thing that sets each of them apart in the search for the best match and the ideal college, their own self identities and unique talents. Your sense of self sets you apart from all of your competition.

Lesley Miller is the founder and educational director of College Consulting, College Consulting IncInc. The College Consulting Program’s in-depth counseling helps the student to pinpoint unique talents and what matters most in the journey of life. Wise use of this time of reflection and self examination enhances confidence and critical thinking and makes clear the educational paths that are most advantageous.

College Consulting Inc. staff are available seven days and evenings each week with face-to-face meetings, webcam meetings, email, fax and phone.

Let our College Consultant take the difficulty, frustration and stress out of the college admissions process by providing you with individualized service. Please contact Lesley Miller at or (847)505-9100(847)505-9100 for a complimentary one-hour session of advice and guidance.

In Illinois, CCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, Winnetka, Lake Forest, Evanston and adjoining Chicago, Illinois Metro communities.