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College and Career Counseling

For those who have a special interest or need for career counseling and college major investigation with the myriad advantages that assessment can produce, we offer a variety of widely recognized, standardized tests that provide tremendous insights and opportunities for exploration. Such assessments are critical avenues for students who desire to learn more about themselves, their unique characteristics, their preferences and how their personalities fit with various work environments. Customized career counseling is often highly advantageous for the individual who wants to discuss specific career concerns in greater depth and learn how to make better choices about college majors and ultimate career categories.

College Consulting Inc offers career counseling and college major exploration as a part of the comprehensive, unlimited-hour program; these same services are also available separately for individuals who desire this very specific assistance in goal determination as part of a custom-tailored plan.

We offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Strong Interest Inventory® and the California Psychological Inventory® (CPI 260), along with other assessments, depending on the level and type of career exploration that is best suited to the particular individual.

The use of career-related assessments can be an excellent way for a student Berkeleyto learn about personal interests and specific preferences for academic and work stimulation. They enhance perceptions of how specific personality types fit with specific roles and job environments. Career concerns can then be more deeply explored in a counseling discussion of college majors, personal characteristics and careers.

Career success is directly related to matching interests and abilities to the work itself. Decisions regarding what to major in are related to the career to which one aspires. If you are undecided between two or more majors, investigating your personality can help. A firm understanding of your interests and your personality type is a part of the self knowledge vital to healthy personal growth and development. The choice of a college major and career is a reflection of your sense of identity. The more accurate you self knowledge is the more likely you are to choose a direction that is highly satisfying.

The Myers Briggs® (MBTI) assessment tool is widely trusted and applied in the career development field to help people engage in more informed career decisions. It is an assessment of preferences used to increase students understanding of how they prefer to get information, make decisions and orient their lives. Such a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the self assists in the exploration of potential careers that would be both challenging and successful. Additionally it reveals one’s similarities to and differences from other people, helps to define work style and assists with matching potential occupations to personality.

The Strong Interest Inventory® is a highly reliable assessment which can help students discover their personal style, their behavioral and leadership preferences and their occupational interests. When faced with making important decisions about college majors and career possibilities, the explorations provided by the Strong Profile are invaluable in guiding the individual toward volunteer or work study opportunities and the most suitable programs and future occupations.

The California Psychological Inventory® (CPI 260) provides highly sophisticated assessments aimed at detailing both broad and specific College Admissionsleadership attributes and coaching abilities. The CPI 260 measures six categories (clusters) of psychological constructs including a.) dealing with others b.) self-management c.) motivations and thinking styles and so forth. Such assessments are particularly insightful when developing various types of graduate studies plans or designing advantageous mid-career changes. Ultimately, we encourage and assist students in developing educational and career goals. Quite typically this includes identifying specific action steps and plans that will  guide them in the achievement of their goals.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary one-hour session of advice and guidance at (847)505-9100 or by email, In addition to being available for face-to-face meetings during school hours we are also available after school, evenings and on weekends as well as by email, phone, fax and webcam.

MBTI and Myers-Briggs are registered trademarks of MBTI Trust, Inc., in the United States and elsewhere. CPI 260, California Psychological Inventory and Strong Interest Inventory are registered trademarks of CPP, Inc.