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College Majors & Career Counseling

For those who have a special interest or need for career counseling and college major investigation with the myriad advantages that assessment can produce, we offer a variety of widely recognized, standardized tests that provide tremendous insights and opportunities for exploration. Such assessments are critical avenues for students who desire to learn more about themselves, their unique characteristics, their preferences and how their personalities fit with various work environments. Customized career counseling is often highly advantageous for the individual who wants to discuss specific career concerns in greater depth and learn how to make better choices about college majors and ultimate career categories.

College Consulting, Inc. offers career counseling and college major exploration as a part of the comprehensive, unlimited-hour program; these same services are also available separately for individuals who desire this very specific assistance in goal determination as part of a custom-tailored plan.

We offer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, the Strong Interest Inventory® and the California Psychological Inventory® (CPI 260), along with other assessments, depending on the level and type of career exploration that isBerkeley best suited to the particular individual.

The use of career-related assessments can be an excellent way for a student to learn about personal interests and specific preferences for academic and work stimulation. They enhance perceptions of how specific personality types fit with specific roles and job environments. Career concerns can then be more deeply explored in a counseling discussion of college majors, personal characteristics and careers. Read more.

In Illinois, CCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, Park Ridge, Wilmette, Glencoe, Highland Park, Long Grove, Barrington, Evanston, Park Ridge and Chicago, Illinois Metro communities. Your college search can lead to an ideal college match!