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Application Essays that Influence

We  Help  You  Make  Powerful  College  Application  Essays

Very often the college application essay can play a critical role in the admissions process! When an essay or a personal statement is requested with a college application the applicant needs to make a dynamic presentation that attracts the admissions committee.

Our services guide you through the critical steps of application statement College Consulting Incand essay development: brainstorming ideas, choosing a topic and successfully writing and creating a truly intriguing essay! Original work is always the most intriguing. We help you to reach into the vast storehouse of experiences that are uniquely yours and draw them out into a brilliant, personal essay!

Writing the essay in response to a question posed may seem like a extremely difficult task to undertake, given that it is quite a different form of composition than a high school English class assignment; it should be seen as a unique opportunity to reveal yourself for the character, ambition and aspirations that are you!

Our services help you to reach that stellar, uniquely personal essay in which you display a piece of who you are and what you have experienced with detail. You can choose from a nearly endless list of your life’s extraordinary experiences. We help you to select that pivotal experience which initiates the expository that makes you rise in the eyes of the admissions committee!

College Consulting IncThe college application essay is, however, quite different than the essays you have written for English classes. Those were written for a teacher. The college application essay is written to expose an angle of perception into the core of who you are.

You may have multiple essays for your multiple college applications, yet each of them requires the utmost quality and inspiration that comes with well-guided direction, patience and hard work. What is revealed in the essay should blend with the voice and quality of other personal statements and short answers within a single college application.


The Essay Initiation

  • Review of your writing, background experiences and special interests
  • Developing of a strategic plan to address essays & personal statements
  • Uncovering your life themes
  • Discussing how admissions committees do their essay evaluations

The Brainstorming Stage

  • Presenting successful techniques that reveal winning ideas
  • Summarizing your core beliefs/core values
  • Listing salient personal adjectives/descriptors
  • Completing open-ended questions about your life
  • Reviewing each college extremely well
  • Creating a core summary of your identity
  • Taking a solid break from the brainstorming activities at a midpoint

Selection of Topic Stage

  • Summarizing elements from the brainstorming stage
  • Considering topics that can synthesize and position your goals
  • Gaining the certainty of answering the question
  • Summarizing the impression you want to make
  • Avoiding trite, common, controversial or negative topics
  • Developing vivid supporting elements
  • Preparing to address the specific institution
  • Determining special conditions which merit mention
  • Focusing honestly on qualities and strengths

Drafting and Writing the College Essay Stage

  • Choosing an innovative approach
  • Using an attention getting introduction with mystery or intrigue
  • Developing the structure
  • Persuading the admissions committee that you are extremely worthy
  • Revealing your real-life, authentic self
  • Editing for organization, content, flow, clarity and objectivesCollege Consulting Inc
  • Using emotion and passion in a strategic plan
  • Using vivid, concise imagery and prose
  • Creating a conclusion that flows naturally
  • Revising again and again
  • Editing for grammar and spelling
  • Editing for voice and comprehensive impact
  • Polishing for optimum quality
  • ProofreadingCollege Consulting Inc


We offer professional coaching for college application essays and personal statements as part of our Comprehensive, Unlimited Hours Program or as a separate service through our Series of Sessions.

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