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College Counseling Testimonials

You will never know how much you have affected me. You have helped me to develop a conscience as a more complete human being. Here I am at Michigan, my dream! Business is my major, but arts and culture are my love. I hope to combine the two eventually. My deepest thanks for the insightful and constant guidance over the past year.

Julie M. (student)

I just wanted to thank you for all the extra help! [My son] is thrilled and it is such a relief to have reached this point. All we do now is wait. Thank you for the great support given this whole year. You took the stress out and put the success in. Thanks again!

Peg N. (mother)College Consulting Inc

Dear Lesley, We are so appreciative of the input you gave each time we needed direction. You pointed [our daughter] in the right direction as she composed her essays and applications. Your helpful strategies made the difficult parts less so. As the process nears completion, we are absolutely amazed at how much you have helped us accomplish!

With thanks, Ben T. (father)

If it wasn’t for your suggestions, we wouldn’t be where we are right now. We never dreamed [our daughter] would receive a scholarship! It has shed an entirely new light on her college plans and her immediate future. We’ve learned so much from you in these few months and are so grateful. Thanks.

Toni S. (mother)

Dear Lesley, Thanks for motivating me and giving me reasons for filling out [all the] forms! I’ve really learned a lot from this experience. In the beginning I felt there wasn’t any reason for trying hard because I hadn’t accomplished anything outstanding, but who really has? …nevertheless, my attitude about this gradually changed and within the past weeks I felt that I had just as good College Studentsa chance as any other student. This has become such a worthwhile and meaningful experience for me!

Thanks for believing in me!

Mary L. (student)

We just want to say thanks for making what had become an unbearable load, filled with overwhelming tasks such a doable, approachable process! Things seem so balanced now at our home (although we have all the deadlines clearly in our minds) and the household has that wonderful sense of normalcy. It is clear to us that you love what you do! It comes through in your sincerity.

Tom and Fusae (parents)

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