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Students and Parents


It is one of the most exhilarating experiences of your life!

You want to attend the college that is most ideal for who you are and you want the college selection process to be the most positive one possible! How do you get there? We can help you with superior guidance each step of the way.

This is your opportunity to identify those things that matter most to you. You have lots of decisions to make. Meeting application deadlines and managing your time are critical. You need to strategically plan your classes, College Admissionsyour extracurriculars, your summers and your personal endeavors. Our help adds more enjoyment and meaning to the process, while reducing the levels of stress and anxiety.

Together we evaluate your personal history, including coursework, grades, extracurriculars, talents, community services, leadership contributions, summer events – all that makes you unique. Then effectively we set into motion a plan that achieves balance and success for you in the college admissions process.


You want the absolute best for your child!

Helping your child achieve the optimum outcome in college selection is a tremendous challenge. The CCI College Consultant provides individualized and comprehensive services that benefit the student and manage time constraints, thus reducing family stress and conflicts and allowing the family greater enjoyment of the high school years. We instill a sense of confidence and calm.

The college admissions process has become increasingly competitive and complex, making navigating the process that much more daunting!

Our goal is to complement the high school’s guidance efforts by working with your child one on one to customize and optimize a strategic plan that puts your child into the best college situation based on the unique set of academic and personal attributes. We strive to match your child successfully to the most appropriate schools.

The roles of self discovery, exploration, and refinement in the college search are critical. The CCI College Consultant provides the keys to staying organized, motivated and thoroughly prepared throughout.

Our services are focused on all aspects of the college application process and how best to accomplish them given the characteristics, aptitudes and achievements of your child. We challenge ourselves to consider all options in seeking the most advantageous college placement, even those that may have been previously overlooked. We instill the motivation and confidence to reach individual goals and potentials.

We assist in creating the most desirable plans for

  • drafting the college search list
  • future academic coursework
  • reaching educational goals
  • researching potential colleges
  • enhancement and development of extracurricular activities
  • standardized testing
  • researching majors, career areas and post-degree employment
  • detailing a brag sheet
  • selecting and approaching the best persons for recommendations
  • drafting of essays and other written responses
  • compiling portfolio materials
  • planning for college visits
  • preparing for the interviews
  • financial aid and scholarship advisement
  • making the ultimate college acceptance decision

In addition to being available for face-to-face meetings during school hours we are also available after school, evenings and on weekends as well as by email, phone, fax and webcam. Please contact us to schedule a complimentary one-hour session of advice and guidance. Call (847)505-9100 or email us at Consulting Inc

In Illinois, CCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, Highland Park, Wilmette, Park Ridge, Oak Brook, Bloomingdale, Hinsdale, Itasca, Oak Park and adjoining Chicago, Illinois Metro communities. Your college search can lead to an ideal college match!