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College Admissions Workshop


For high school rising seniors only!

The two-day weekend workshops are intensive as seniors get expert individualized guidance in college selection, essay writing, development of the activity sheet, college interview skill development, mock interview practice, and comprehensive organization, preparedness and insight for the college application processes to come.

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Summer Sessions, 2014, scheduled for the Chicago Metro area

Reservations Opening on March 28:

  • Saturday, August – Sunday, August   
  • Saturday, August – Sunday, August    

The Powerful Weekend includes:

  • 9 AM – 5:30 PM, both days
  • Pre-conference: 2 hours assessment + consultation
  • Post-conference: 2 hours followup consultation

The College Application Success WorkshopSM helps seniors College Consulting Incsuccessfully accomplish in two days the processes that might otherwise stretch across weeks or months of the senior year causing extraordinary stress and anxiety when they are added to the year’s full schedule of academic and extracurricular activities. The senior comes away with greater confidence and a well-planned timeline for the various deadlines that must be met to gain admissions at their top college choices.

Each senior’s primary activities involve the completion of a Common Application, to include two essays and an activity sheet, and the full development of the timelines necessary to accomplish all those things needed for success in the college application process. In addition, the student compiles a list of appropriate colleges, practices improved interview skills, learns current information on admissions trends, and develops strategic planning for the use of or preparation for standardized testing.

The workshop gives the seniors the advantage for which they strive, to become the applicant that colleges of their choice are seeking. The start of a highly successful year has begun!

What the student gains from the College Application Success WorkshopSM:

  • Exposure to the most recent trends in admissions processes. Colleges adjust their strategies regularly and the current changes and adaptations for specific colleges or groups of colleges will be shared. As application numbers climb, so do the maneuvers by the admissions committees at many colleges.
  • Development of a college selection list tailor-made for the individual senior. Our guidance centers on the student’s individual goals and aspirations, course history and related grades, SAT/ACT scores and personal history including extracurriculars, leadership roles, sports and community or volunteer services.
  • An outstanding application essay. By avoiding common mistakes and targeting some special aspect of the self that is truly extraordinary and inviting the student weaves an essay aimed at being memorable in the eyes of the admissions committee.
  • Creation of the activity sheet to include awards, honors and achievements, extracurricular endeavors, summer and volunteer activities and work/internship experiences. Expert guidance on the activity sheet assists the student in making a unique and superior presentation.
  • Advice on obtaining the most effective letters of recommendation. The student receives beneficial advice about how to move into an advantageous position prior to being evaluated by teachers.
  • Strategic planning for standardized testing. Careful consideration is given to the history of standardized test scores and advantages which may be created by further preparation and retesting.
  • Development of an attractive personal statement. The senior is guided in a process to reveal strengths concisely and confidently with concrete experiences while crafting a powerful personal statement that presents the student’s qualifications in the best possible light.
  • A completed Common Application. The workshop participant will receive individual guidance in developing all elements of the Common Application so that it creates an ideal impact.
  • Improved Interview Skills. Because interviewing can be very stressful, we assist seniors in diminishing the stress by increasing their familiarity with potential questions and instructing them in the best practices for their responses. Mock interviews are beneficial for demonstrating how to exhibit high interest to one’s advantage.

The College Application Success WorkshopSM offers the senior each of these heightened benefits, while providing significantly increased levels of confidence and self assurance. The senior year begins with critical advantages already in motion.

Please contact us to schedule a complimentary one-hour session of advice and guidance at 847:505:9100 or by email,

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Your college search can lead to an ideal college match! In Illinois, CCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago, Chicago’s North Shore, Northbrook, Buffalo Grove, Wilmette, Oak Brook, Bloomingdale, Hinsdale, Arlington  Heights, Barrington, Deerfield and adjoining  Chicago Illinois Metro communities.

In addition to being available for face-to-face meetings during school hours we are also available after school, evenings and on weekends as well as by email, phone, fax and webcam (Skype).