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Lesley A. Miller, MA, AC Ed

All students, as they move through high school, ought to be setting goals and revising these goals in order to reach their full potentials. They ought to be working continually to achieve those goals about which they have the most passion. Some of these goals should be extraordinary, [...]

Perfect Essays

College Consulting, Inc.
Lesley Miller,  MA,  AC Ed

Gaining acceptances into most colleges becomes more difficult each year as more applications are made for a very limited number of spots. There are ways of improving your chances, but the primary change seen in applications each year is the addition or expansion of essay requirements. Your greatest opportunity [...]

Know Who You Are before Starting the Essay

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Lesley A. Miller, MA, AC Ed

There are myriad prompts inside college applications which ask you to reveal some very personal aspect of your identity or experience. Is revealing something intimate about your experience or identity really simple? One of the most basic questions on some college applications is [...]