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Writing Great College Essays

So you want to write a college application essay that will help you get in. Great! Is this an easy task? No. Writing well is difficult in itself. Add to this the imperative to write in order to expose the core of your identity and you have a grand task before you.

At College Consulting Inc, [...]

Common App 2014

Lesley Miller, MA, AC Ed

The Common Application for 2014 is a necessary component of the college application process for most students. It can be a very valuable experience and provide an edge to the applicant who approaches it in the best possible ways. This includes a keen examination of the essay prompts and how to [...]

Why Summer for Essays?

How often are high school students asked to compose an essay using first person? Almost never. So when these students come upon the college application essay they are approaching a task that is foreign. Add to this the general self-consciousness of many teens and the overall picture of acing the college application essay becomes somewhat [...]

Getting Essay Help

Now that we have passed summer’s biggest holiday it is time for students who will be high school seniors soon to begin the task of writing some of their most important college application essays. Every student will be improved in the writing of these essays if the right kind of help is received.

There will be [...]

Successful Applications!

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Lesley Miller,  MA,  AC Ed
Successful Applications!

Having an expert in the college admissions process review your college applications prior to your submitting them is a great idea! Why?

You have excellent ambitions, but the requirement levels of the admissions applications of most colleges and universities has increased repeatedly in these past few years. [...]

Law School Personal Statements

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Lesley Miller,  MA,  AC Ed

Make the Ideal Statement!

To separate yourself from the masses in the pool of candidates whose qualifications are similar to yours as you create your law school applications, the wise candidate will devise a uniquely superb and persuasive personal statement, one that is as enthusiastic [...]