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Demonstrating Interest

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What should you do if you have one or two schools to which you have applied that are your absolute top choices? What should you do if a college to which you applied Early Decision or Early Action deferred you to the Regular Decision period? You could sit and wait, right? Would that [...]

Sophomores Move Ahead

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All sophomores should be taking important steps in advancing toward the ideal colleges and careers. At College Consulting Inc we help them explore important issues, some academic,some nonacademic and some career related. Although there are great differences between students, there are some general similarities. Contact College Consulting Inc (847-505-9100) [...]

Myths Abound in Admissions

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Lesley Miller,  MA,  AC Ed

Last year students faced great challenges in gaining an acceptance to the nation’s top colleges. Ivy League schools and other top colleges, like Stanford, had acceptance rates lower than ten percent.

There are often highly qualified students and their parents carrying myths about the admissions process, [...]

Common App 2014

Lesley Miller, MA, AC Ed

The Common Application for 2014 is a necessary component of the college application process for most students. It can be a very valuable experience and provide an edge to the applicant who approaches it in the best possible ways. This includes a keen examination of the essay prompts and how to [...]

Why Summer for Essays?

How often are high school students asked to compose an essay using first person? Almost never. So when these students come upon the college application essay they are approaching a task that is foreign. Add to this the general self-consciousness of many teens and the overall picture of acing the college application essay becomes somewhat [...]

How to Get Internship

College Consultant: In Favor of the Internship

It can be a very complex process, but with a good plan it becomes easier to find an internship that is truly rewarding for the high school junior or senior. Many of these students want to get an internship, an experience that will help them to define their career [...]

Internships Add Big Advantage

College Consultant: Internships  Can Provide an Edge

Obtaining an internship may seem like a daunting task to a high school junior or senior, but there are great rewards and advantages to every student who obtains an internship, whether it be in the summer or during the academic year. By going though the processes of getting an [...]

Juniors' Summer

College Consultant: Juniors Take Advantage of Summer

Make the most of your summer if you will be a college applicant soon. The rising senior will want to explore the many options and choose those that are both enjoyable and advantageous in the application process. This often takes much time and critical thinking, but will reward you [...]