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Avoid Admissions Stress

In recent years the amount of stress that high school  juniors and sophomores experience has increased. Although there can be many reasons for the increase in stress or anxiety often a large part of the origin revolves around the idea of “getting in” to the college of choice. College college admissions Girlsadmissions processes are complex. What can a junior or sophomore do to avoid much of this stress? Here are several options.

Because college admissions committees focus on each applicants’ sophomore and junior high school years, many students in those years make attempts to create what they believe are impressive records. This often leads a student to choose activities not for personal interest but solely for the “impression” that the student believes the activities will have. Perhaps a student truly enjoys bowling or archery, but instead of joining a club that incorporates such activity the student joins a chess club and tries to learn a game that provides no true excitement nor any real pleasure.

What we know for certain here at College Consulting Inc is that a great plan will help the student put together activities that provide personal inspiration and satisfaction. We have helped students create short term and long term plans for highly rewarding activities that lead to the achievement of inspiration, enthusiasm and success. These elements are indeed impressive to the admissions committees because they shine through in essays, resumes and interviews . To start this process with a Complimentary Session call (847)505-9100 or complete our Contact Form.

High levels of anxiety can be created when a student carries ideas about “getting in” that just are not true. There is less stress when the student puts together a string of activities that are logical yet challenging for that student. Colleges frequently help to create much of the student’s stress by being mysterious about the admissions process. Those colleges that are very open about the processes make the journey a more personally satisfying one for every student who applies.

One of our goals for each student who comes to us is to make the path to ideal colleges highly successful in every way. We focus on the actual requirements for each school that would be a great match. This makes the path a clear one and reduces stress. Reach us (847)505-9100 or submit a Contact Form to begin with a complimentary one hour session. Then the journey becomes more productive and far less stressful for both the student and the family.

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