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Making the critical decision about which college, among the extensive options, will best meet your child’s aspirations, abilities and needs has become an extremely complex, costly, and very stressful process for numerous families. Choosing the appropriate academic courses, developing focused activities and strengths, taking the required entrance exams, participating in beneficial summer experiences and writing promising essays, which have a great influence in many admissions decisions, can all play a highly significant part in gaining admissions to the institutions of higher education that would provide the College Consulting Incoptimal fit. Our college consultants are experts at each of these. Take advantage of the college consulting services at College Consulting Inc so that you are in an ideal position during your pre-college years for maximizing your position.  Learn more.


Our college consulting programs are grounded in the establishment of a meaningful personal relationship between a counselor, a student and that student’s family. Your CCI College Consultant will personalize our one-on-one services to meet your individual needs and aspirations.

Success in accomplishing a great college match doesn’t just happen. It College Entrancedepends on a considerable amount of planning and effort – lots of planning and lots of effort – from multiple sources. Our goal is to assist you in honing your skills while you uncover a plethora of self-knowledge. Each of our college admissions services have that as a primary goal.

With our approach, your college search can become more rewarding, both today and in your future. We help you develop your optimum skill levels while on your journey to college. Further, our goal is to provide you with the pinnacle of support, insight, and guidance.


Our mission at College Consulting Inc. is to help students and their families develop their fullest potential, choose the most advantageous program of study that will complement strengths and interests and find the educational environment in which they will thrive and succeed. We provide expert college consulting guidance in navigating the pathway to college.

Our Central Offices: 1042 Aynsley, Lake Forest, IL.
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Your college search can lead to an ideal college match! In Illinois, CCI offers sessions convenient to Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, Winnetka, Buffalo Grove, Evanston, Lake Forest, Long Grove, Vernon Hills, Northbrook, Barrington, Glenview, adjoining Chicago, Illinois Metro communities and throughout the United States.

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